Top 10 Penang Escort Girl

Based on my over 5 years of experience in various out call, in call massage and escort throughout Malaysia, I have to say that some of them are really disappointing, but some of them are gems, shining in the dark.

To help others avoid disappointing escort / massage girls, I have arranged a list of mine with their contact details, they are the best Escort in Penang.

I understand that everyone’s requirements are different, some prefer big boobs, some prefer the GF feeling, and some like legs. I have to admit that I am a face person, I always look at the face but not the body. So this is only based on my personal preference.

Escort Girl in PenangMilky

This one really syok, super skinny waist but still have a pair of nice boobs. Face is perfect. I give 10/10

Escort Girl in PenangMini

I really can’t say no to Thai girl, always so hot and gentle. Mini have really nice boobs, I guess is… 36E?? not sure. But now is really hard to book her, always fully booked. 10/10

Escort Girl in Penang – Rose

Rose has a pretty face, nice b2b massage skill. Her English have really strong Thai ascent. I like it very much. So her also a 10/10 to me.

Escort Girl in Butterworth – Nirin

I remember Nirin is from Vietname, book her 1 time before. Nice face, but boobs are slightly smaller compare with other. Still very nice lah. I give 9.5/10

Escort Girl in Penang Bella

Bella’s face is nice, body shape is superb! She always give me girl friend feeling when serving me. Sometimes she could be very Lan C. Can only give her 8/10.

Escort Girl in Penang Ann Ann

Ann is a girl from Indonesia. Speak English and Indon. She is a pretty girl but… too bad, can not kiss. 1st time I book her, get pushed away because try to kiss her 🙁


Escort Girl in Penang Bai Xue

Bai Xue is China girl, very good in massage. In massage she is very professional, but when come to fuck, she very mood swing. Sometimes very good I but sometimes so-so. So I give her 7.5/10

Escort Girl in Penang Vivian

Very pretty face with fair skin. Forgot is Vietnamese or Thailand. She very skinny with B cups breast. But doesn’t matter, really like her face.

Damn I miss her smile. Will go back to find her when I back to work in Penang. She is no doubt a 10/10 perfect girl.

Where to find escort in Penang?

You can always find the hottest escort girl in

How much does escort or b2b massage cost in Malaysia?

Normally, B2B massage is around RM180 – RM250 per hour. It may vary depending on the area. Escort is RM250 – RM400 per hour. Local escort girl may charge higher.

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