Top 10 Late-Night Eateries in Johor

Are you a night owl with a growling stomach in Johor? Well, you’re in luck! Johor is not just a vibrant destination for daytime activities; it’s also a food haven that comes alive after the sun sets. Whether you’re craving local delicacies or international flavors, there’s something for every nocturnal foodie. Join us as we explore the top 10 late-night eateries in Johor, where you can satisfy your hunger pangs well into the wee hours.

1. Restoran Sup Hameed

Located in the heart of Johor Bahru, Restoran Sup Hameed is an iconic spot for night owls. They serve mouthwatering mutton soup, chicken soup, and various types of roti for those who prefer something solid. Open until the early hours, it’s the perfect place for a post-midnight meal.

2. Nasi Kandar Deen Maju

For those who can’t resist the allure of nasi kandar, Deen Maju is a must-visit. This 24-hour restaurant serves up a flavorful array of curries, fried chicken, and rice dishes. Whether you’re craving a hearty dinner or a late-night snack, Deen Maju has you covered.

3. Tepian Tebrau Seafood Restaurant

Seafood lovers, rejoice! Tepian Tebrau Seafood Restaurant serves delectable seafood dishes until the early hours of the morning. From chili crab to butter prawns, their menu boasts a wide variety of options for those who want to indulge in the ocean’s bounty.

4. Kacang Pool Haji

Kacang Pool Haji is famous for its delicious kacang pool, a traditional Malay dish made from spiced minced meat and fava beans. Open until 3 AM, it’s the perfect spot for those looking to experience a unique local flavor late at night.

5. Restoran Singgah Selalu

If you’re in the mood for some classic Malaysian cuisine, Restoran Singgah Selalu should be on your list. Open 24/7, they offer a wide range of local dishes, from nasi lemak to roti canai. It’s a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

6. Sin Kee Restaurant

Craving Chinese food in the middle of the night? Sin Kee Restaurant is your answer. They’re known for their delectable dim sum and a variety of other Chinese dishes. Open until the wee hours, it’s a favorite among those seeking a late-night dim sum fix.

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8. Warung Saga

Warung Saga is a hidden gem for those looking to satisfy their late-night cravings with Indonesian cuisine. From nasi goreng to sate ayam, they serve up authentic Indonesian flavors well into the night.

9. Roti Canai Argyll

Roti Canai Argyll is known for serving some of the flakiest and most delicious roti canai in Johor. Open 24/7, it’s the go-to spot for those who want a crispy and satisfying meal in the middle of the night.

10. Restoran Aliff

Last but not least, Restoran Aliff is a 24-hour restaurant that offers a wide range of local and international dishes. Whether you’re in the mood for Malay, Indian, or Western cuisine, you’ll find it here.

So, the next time you find yourself hungry in the middle of the night in Johor, don’t worry; there are plenty of fantastic eateries to choose from. These top 10 late-night spots cater to all tastes, ensuring that your late-night cravings are satisfied, no matter what cuisine you prefer. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring Johor’s culinary scene after dark is an adventure worth embarking on. Happy late-night feasting!